Once the vehicle was decontaminated it was inspected for clear coat thickness and any damage that I needed to be aware of. I was already aware of the damage in the clear coat (Scratches & Swirl Marks) so had already made a plan of action it was all dependant on healthy clear coat levels and timescales.

All of the progress photos are after the cutting stages, there is still another polishing process going to be carried out on the whole car to remove the heavy compounding marks and leave a crisp clear finish for protection.

The finished photo now shows the car now fully machine polished and sealed with its protection looking very glossy and reflective under the lights.

We are finally up and running at our new location at Carn Business Park Craigavon, after weeks of building and setting up our main work area the first car has been and gone and we couldn’t be happier with the whole set up.

With plenty of room and all the individual lighting we require it now enables us to accommodate all sizes of vehicles, as well as being a nice clean environment to work in.

The package chosen by the client was a Multi Stage Major Correction Detail. Many years of bad contact had taken their toll on the surface lacquer making it dull and lifeless. After assessing the lacquer depths by measurement, careful machine polishing sets were carried out to remove an estimated 90% of the surface defects, leaving a perfectly reflective clear surface ready for paint protection. Carefull consideration is always given to lacquer levels as there is a fine line between it upholding its integrity and failure hence why 90% correction levels were achieved. Some surface damage may be too deep to remove or lacquer levels maybe too low to enable total surface rectification safely.

This Audi A6 Avant New Car Detail comprised of a single stage machine polish with a few extra sets of localised machine polishing carried out where light defects had been inflicted between manufacturing and delivery. The wheels were removed for ceramic coating application, the finished paintwork had a long term 5-7 year longevity ceramic coating applied and was followed by a short wave infra red heat cure process. The interior was cleaned and all leather surfaces sealed to prevent dirt and dye transfer.