About Bluehill Detailing

Bluehill detailing started life four years ago when James decided to pursue his passion in vehicle preparation to a higher level. Over the years of working on countless different vehicle makes and models, James has gained the true knowledge of how to work with modern and classic paint systems not to mention the many different types of interior materials and fabrics.

Little did he realise what a world he was entering, when it comes to top level vehicle detailing. This has just driven him on more each day to learn new skills and follow his passion for detail.

Working within the industry of detailing intensively in a commercial environment where standards have to remain high is testament to James’s personality, as this is what drives him on in every aspect of every vehicle.

A good reflection of James’s passion not only comes from the services he can offer you but to the lengths he has gone to to give his customers the best experience. From time researched and tested products to his perfectly designed detailing studio.


James Kuck Owner