This 718 Porsche cayman GTS received my new car preparation package, all surfaces were protected with professional grade coatings from the paintwork to the wheels and suspension.

The paintwork on this Ara Blue Audi S3 was in excellent condition apart from some light wash defects and the occasional slightly deeper defect. A minor paint correction package was approved and adjusted to suit each individual panel.

Paintwork protection was in the form of SiRamik Glasscoat APT coatings (SC-HR and Ultima) followed by an application of Diamas professionali.

This Gentian Blue Porsche 718 Cayman GTS received my new car preparation package. All exterior paintwork, door shuts and plastics were protected with Titan coatings Titan and Zeus coatings. The wheels, calipers and hubs were coated with Titan G238 heat resistant coating. All exterior glass had a long term hydrophobic coating applied.

Here are a few images I captured during the paint correction process on this Range Rover Sport, with paintwork that had suffered a bit over the years. All the after pictures are awaiting the refinement process but show an excellent improvement.

This Brilliant Red Audi R8 received a minor paint correction with the wheels off package. All surfaces paintwork, wheels and glass were protected with SiRamik professional grade coatings.